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In this section you will find the Solid State Cartridge manual cover, a description of the cartridge, several descriptions of adventures for the cartridge and some solutions.
PHM 3041 Adventure Manual Cover - 13kB
With the Adventure Solid State Software Command Module and one of the many cassette- or diskette-based Adventure games developed by Adventure International, Incorporated, you can face challenges similar to this one. The program describes the situation and waits for you to decide the action you want to take. Based on your choices, you might find valuable treasures, free a count trapped by an evil spell, or save the world's first automated nuclear reactor - all without leaving the comfort of your own home.
To play Adventure, you need both the Adventure Command Module and a cassette- or diskette-based Adventure game. The module contains the general program instructions which are customized by the particular cassette tape or diskette game you use with it. For your convenience, one game, Pirate's Adventure, is included with the module.
Before you begin playing, note that each Adventure game challenges your powers of logical reasoning and may require hours, or even weeks, to complete. To leave a game and continue it at another time, you can save your current adventure on a cassette tape or diskette.
Origin: Texas Instruments Adventure Manual
Pirate's Adventure
You are standing on the edge of a high cliff. To your left, you see a hungry python slithering your way. To the right, a quicksand bog surrounded by bleached bones awaits unsuspecting travelers. Behind you a large grizzly bear blocks the only path into the forest. Suddenly, you notice a sturdy rope hanging over the edge of the cliff. But there's a thick mist below so you can't see where the rope leads. Should you chance climbing down the rope, or should you try to kill the python or the bear?
The Adventureland game begins in the forest of an enchanted world. By exploring this world, you can locate 13 treasures, as well as the special place for storing them to score points. However, be careful not to wake the sleeping dragon!
Mission Impossible
Your impossible mission starts with a tape recorder in a briefing room. Can you find the mysterious person who just ran out of the room as you try to save the world's first nuclear reactor from destruction?
Voodoo Castle
When the Voodoo Castle adventure begins, you are in a chapel looking at a closed coffin. By exploring the castle, you try to find the information necessary to free Count Cristo from the fiendish curse placed on him by his enemies.
The Count
In The Count, you wake from a nap to find yourself in a strange bed holding a tent stake. Now itīs up to you to discover who you are, what you are doing in Transylvania, and why the postman delivered a bottle of blood.
Strange Odyssey
Your Strange Odyssey begins as you realize that you are stranded on a small planetoid and must repair your ship before you can qo home. As you search the planet for the necessary parts, you find the ruins of an ancient civilization. Try to discover the civilization's secrets, collecting treasures as you go.
Mystery Fun House
Before exploring the Mystery Fun House, you must figure out how to get inside. Once inside, you'll see all the typical Fun House sights, concealing a valuable prize.
Pyramid of Doom
The Pyramid of Doom adventure starts in a desert near a pool of liquid, with a pole sticking out of the sand. As you investigate further, you find a pyramid only recently uncovered by the shifting sands. Find its entrance, collect the treasures, and then try to escape from the pyramid.
Ghost Town
All ghost towns are mysterious, but this one holds a particular fascination - it contains both treasures and real ghosts. Explore all of the old buildings and the entire area thoroughly to see how many treasures you can locate.
Savage Island Series
You begin the two-part Savage Island Series on the edge of an impenetrable jungle. As you explore the island, you may meet some very unusual creatures. Upon the successful completion of Part 1, you receive the password that enables you to begin Part 2. If you complete the second part of the series, you become the world's greatest hero. However, if you fail, you go to a quick, horrible death.
The Golden Voyage
Before embarking on your Golden Voyage, you must locate the royal palace in the Persian city. In the palace, you meet an aginq king who only has three days to live, unless you can restore his youth. Starting with only a bag of gold, you eventually set sail for the four corners of the globe on a quest for the mythical fountain of youth.
Origin: Texas Instruments Adventure Manual
Adventure Solutions
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How to solve... Voodoo Castle
Open Coffin, Look Coffin, Get Ring...
Download (1kB)
Origin: TI-Post Clubmagazin, 3/87
How to solve... Return to Pirate's Isle
Lift Matt, Get Up, Wear Glasses....
Download (2kB)
Origin: comp.sys.ti Newsgroup