All files are zipped.

ASCII Format:
This is the result of running the PC99 utility "bas2asc" ( or "iv2asc" ) to convert the token basic in PROGRAM and I/V254 files to ASCII. You can download these files, print them out and then hack them into your TI.
PC99 Format:
Use the PC99 utility "dskin" to take the files from DOS into an emulated TI disk (.dsk file). You can also download all programmes in one emulated PC99 .dsk file - You will find it on the Freeware Page.

PC99 is a TI99/4A Emulator for the PC by CaDD Electronics.
Contact them at:
CaDD Electronics
45 Centerville Drive
Salem, NH 03079-2674
(603) 895-0119
On the CaDD Electronics web site you will find more information about PC99.
V9T9 Format:
You will find both on the Freeware Page: Disk On A Disk ( DOAD ) and File In A Disk ( FIAD ). The DOAD file contains all programms. The FIAD files contains just one programm.

V9T9 is a TI99/4A Emulator for the PC by Edward Swartz
For more information about the V9T9 go to the TI-99/4A Home Computer Page.