The Highscore section is made for all TI gamers. Here you can submit your Highscore results and compare to other Highscore results made worldwide from other TI gamers. Depending on how much results are submitted I will update this page every week.
If your game is not on the list, send me an email and I will add it.
Have fun and play you to the top of the Highscore !
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Chisolm Trail
PHM 3110
Name Level Highscore Speed
David Tollefson 72 ??? ...probably 11 to 13 years ago 60Hz

Zero Zap
PHM 3036
Name Level Highscore Speed
Rocco 2 1.023 50Hz

Tombstone City
PHM 3052
Name Level Highscore Speed
Lapinkult Novice 250.550 50Hz
Lapinkult Master 58.350 50Hz
Lapinkult Insane 43.400 50Hz

PHM 3112
Name Highscore Speed
Lapinkult 1.363.700 50Hz