Heiner Martin
Cover - 18kB
Due to a restrained information politic of the manufacturer,
there is not much known about the inside of the
very successful Home Computer TI99/4A.
This book therefore shall help the interested user to look
into the secret of the operating system of the TI99/4A.

In individual chapters the commented listings of the ROM'S
and the 3 GROM'S contained in the TI99/4A are explained i.e.
the complete operating system including Basic.
The contents of this book is completed by a listing of all commands,
used in the Graphic Programing Language and by short explanations
to the commented listings.

The operating system of TI99/4A internal ROM and GROM Listing
with commentary and directions for GPL
  • Preface
  • The ROM
  • The ROMndex:
  • Preface
  • The ROM
  • The ROM Listing
  • Graphic Programming Language
  • The GPL Commands
  • The GPL Command formats
  • The GROM 0
  • The GROM 0 Listing
  • The Hexdump of Sample GROM
  • The Basic GROM'S
  • The Basic Value Stack
  • The Basic Symbol Table
  • Listing of GROM 1
  • Listing of GROM 2
  • References to Extended Basic
  • Cover and Index are taken from the book.
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