In March 1982 I bought a used Sinclair ZX81 ( CPU: Z80, 1024 Bytes Ram ) and it was a great new expierence for me to use a real computer. But I wanted more: Color, Sound, Speech, Sprites, a good keyboard - or to say it in one word: a Texas Instruments TI99/4A.
In December 1982 - it was the 12/24 as I remember ;-) - I got one !

On my TI Page you will find some programmes I wrote in 1983-1989. Have Fun !!!

Next comming are pages with tips&tricks for the TI99/4A:

Highscore lists for several games


and I will publish some of the best articles I found in german TI related magazines. Thanks to the publishers of TI REVUE and COMPUTER KONTAKT for the permission to do this !